Fox Trot & Buzzy Buddy


Free backpack for toddlers


PDF Patterns of 2 backpacks for toddlers. Perfect for kindergarden.
Finished dimensions: 28cm X 24cm X 11cm (11 X 9” X 4”)

This pattern is one of my first project. My twins were two years when this pattern was created. They are 4 years old and still proudly wear it. I stopped selling this pattern because, forward in time, the visual patterns of FAM has changed and some new functions were added (printing by size, no-trim pages, etc.). Rather than keep in my files to wait I redo it a beauty, I decided to share it with you and concentrate on new projects.

Here’s what you need for the project:
-1 Feet for piping or narrow zipper feet. 
-2 Buckles 2.5cm (1”) wide.
-1 Zipper 40cm (16”) or more, the excess will be cut
-Either: 2 packages of piping 2.3m long 4.5m OR 4 mm width cord and 4.5m long bias.
-Principal fabric : 90cm (35 ”)
-Lining: 65cm (25 ”)
-Fusible interfacing: 1.20m (47 ”)
Notice that supplies are detailed with photos in the pattern.

Each stage of the project is accompanied by a photo and detailed explanation to follow you in your project. The instructions are in english and french in the same document.

The pattern is done with great precision, is easy to assemble and has been tested to make your experience as pleasant as possible. It must be printed on A4 or 8.5 X 11” paper.

Plenty of variations are possible, Option A can be a fox, but can also become a cat, dog or any animal you have imagined.


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